MILBURN, Okla. (KTEN) — Milburn Public Schools has set a special election next month seeking approval of an $850,000 bond proposal.

The bond, unanimously approved by the district's board of education, will go towards a new early childhood center for its Head Start and pre-K programs.

"The classrooms will be able to house about 45 students, and during a severe weather threat, about 150 students in that safe room area," said Superintendent Joey McBride.

The current early childhood center is nearly two blocks away from the district's main campus, which requires staff to bus students for lunches and weather emergencies.

If the bond is approved, the voters would see an increase in property tax over eight years.

"The tax burden is much less than what it would be had it been on its own," McBride said. "The change they'll see is about six percent... so, about $6 per $100 of property taxes."

If Johnston County voters say "no" to the $850,000 proposal, the district will find alternative plans.

"We would review our current security plan, our current storm plans and just continue to make improvements where we can," McBride added.

The district will be holding a public information meeting on Friday, February 3 to address the bond issue ahead of the special election on February 14.