ARDMORE, Okla., (KTEN) — Residents of the Champion Station community in Ardmore say their neighborhood pond water turn from clear to a murky red and brown in November.

“It speaks for itself whenever you look at the pond,” said homeowner Charles Davenport. 

Some residents believe the waste could be coming from a nearby construction site. 

“The canal comes from under [Interstate] 35 to a new construction site for Caterpillar over there, and they have sent a lot of dirt," said homeowners association member Greg Kidd. "So we don't know if they've sent chemicals or what, but we're really concerned."

A complaint report was filed with the Environmental Protection Agency. That case was then referred to Oklahoma's Department of Environmental Quality.  

“We have an aerator out here, and we've had it out here for a long time to help keep the pond clean and to keep the algae down,” Kidd said. “Now we're just disappointed that we have a red pond instead of a clear pond.” 

The murky water has homeowners demanding answers sooner rather than later.

“I don’t know what we will have to do. If we have to drain our pond or whatever, we just want our pond back clear again,” Kidd said. “We do have people who fish out here, and it's just an eyesore for our community.”

An ODEQ spokesperson said their department received the complaint case from the EPA Thursday afternoon and is working on scheduling a time to evaluate the situation. 

KTEN contacted Caterpillar's Ardmore office Thursday afternoon but we did not receive a response before our broadcast.