DENISON, Texas (KTEN) – We've all heard the expression "nobody's perfect," but when you get paid nearly a million dollars to kick a ball through the uprights and you just can't seem to do it, people tend to get a bit frustrated. 

After missing his first two extra points in the Cowboys' 31-14 NFL Wild Card victory over Tampa Bay Monday night, Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher was a sure thing to make his third.

Until he wasn't.

"Well, kickers you don't yell at,” said Denison Yellow Jackets Head Coach Brent Whitson. “Kickers and quarterbacks... you coach them a little different. It's because it's not productive. They're built different."

The mystery of the kicker’s mind is where many look to answer the question: How could this happen?

"Once it gets in their head, they're the best ones to get that out," Whitson said.

Which is why, no matter how much you screamed at the TV for the Cowboys to go for two, Maher's head coach and teammates stuck by him.

"I think the most surprised guy in the building wasn't Brett Maher; I think it was Mike McCarthy. I think he really believed that he was going to go out and hit the third one and the fourth one. Which is why he let him try the fifth one," Whitson said.

The combination of a unique physical skill set and the mental fortitude it takes to be a kicker is why Whitson always tries to have two kickers on his roster.

"If he's young, I might bring him over to stand by me and say, 'Hey we're going to go for two here. The team needs it. Not a reflection of you.' Again, doctoring their head,” he said.

This mental game will have fans glued to the TV Sunday evening when America's Team scores its first touchdown against the 49ers to see if Maher has overcome the demons that plagued him on Monday night.