SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Before he was sworn in as Grayson County Judge on January 1, Bruce Dawsey questioned what he had called the "illegal" appointment of his predecessor as director of North Texas Regional Airport.

On Tuesday, Dawsey said he has decided to drop a planned investigation of Bill Magers. 

Dawsey said since starting his term he has read documents and has been able to ask questions about Magers' appointment, and he came to the conclusion that no laws had been broken.

"I appreciate Judge Dawsey's clarification on this matter," Magers said in a statement to KTEN.

The new county judge, however, said he believes Commissioners Court could have been more transparent in the way it appointed Magers to the airport position by doing it in an open forum.

"What I had promised is that we would look into that," Dawsey said. "There was nothing wrong with their decision; I would ask that everyone would respect the previous court's decision and lets everybody move forward and work together for the future of Grayson County."

Magers took over as the North Texas Regional Airport director on January 1, when his term as county judge ended.

"I look forward to working with Judge Dawsey, the County Commissioners, and other key stakeholders to continue moving Grayson County forward," Magers said.