GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — The Hill House Manor on Denton Street in Gainesville has been standing for more than 200 years. Guests can feel that history as they step through the front door. 

On Saturday, January 14 at 8 p.m., ghost enthusiasts are invited to join the Haunted Rooms America team for the Historic Hill House Manor ghost hunt. 

Tickets include full, non-restricted access to the home; a paranormal investigation 101 course, dowsing rods, voice recorders, trigger objects, and EMF meters. 

Caretakers for the home have come and gone; the latest is Linda Hill. She told KTEN that she's had visitors from the "other side" come to her, including an old angry man from the 1800s (who does not enjoy ladies on the property), and a cowboy (who seems to love the female visitors). 
Other visitors have reported hearing sounds from "ladies of the night" and their customers. Legend has it, the old home was once a speakeasy during prohibition. 
If you want to test your ghost hunting skills, click here to sign up.