VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) — The Texas Department of Transportation has plans to reconstruct the U.S. 75 service roads in Van Alstyne and Howe, which — unlike most roads along North Texas highways — currently handle two-way traffic.

TxDOT is planning to convert them to one-way thoroughfares in 2025.

But Van Alstyne police say almost 100 crashes — four of which were fatal — have occurred in the last two years along those two-way service roads.

"I am concerned about the frequency of accidents and the severity of accidents, and we need to exam that carefully," said City Manager Lane Jones. 

Van Alstyne is proposing that the Texas Department of Transportation speed up its timeline to end two-way traffic on the frontage roads.

Business owner Kevin Soucie, however, disagrees about the need for speed.

"Everyone kind of had the same idea about it... everyone is feeling some kind of inconvenience by it," Soucie said. "Everyone already has enough inconvenience now by the amount of homes, and people, and who is in the city."

Van Alstyne police Chief Tim Barnes worries that the accident rate along U.S. 75 will not slow down.

"At this point, if we are continuing the rate we are going, you may not make it to whereever you are traveling to because of a head-on collision," he said.

The Van Alstyne City Council will vote on whether to ask the Department of Transportation to speed up its frontage road project next month.