POTTSBORO, Texas (KTEN) — Several grocery stores and gas stations in Pottsboro have not received their shipments of propane in several weeks.

"I think it was before Christmas — that's the last time I remember selling anything, a little before Christmas time," said Cardinal Quickstop manager Clint Hartline. "But it wasn't much."

They have not been given an answer to where the propane is... or when it will show up... forcing those businesses to turn customers away.

"We basically just have to tell them we haven't had anything in a while," Hartline said. "It's been way longer than usual since we had some."

While January 2023 has seen some record-high temperatures, Pottsboro resident Scott Johnston worries about what will happen when cold weather inevitably  returns.

"I like to have a backup for the backup, and I'm a little concerned at this time that there won't be that backup next time," Johnston said. "You know, last year when we lost heat, it was my sole source of heating."

Propane is a valuable resource, especially for keeping warm in homes without central heating systems.

"It's a supplemental heat for my house," Johnston said. "I also use it for [thawing] plumbing, grilling. It's just convenient to have in the canisters."

KTEN News reached out to Blue Rhino and Amerigas, two large suppliers that many Pottsboro locations get their propane from, but did not receive a response before our deadline.