ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — It was a case of self-defense.

Around 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve,  35-year-old Jassmone Ashton shot and killed 37-year-old Denavarie Brooks outside the Sunset Market Valero convenience store. 

"We reviewed the video and accompanying documents at length, and ultimately it’s my decision to make, and I made the decision not to file charges," said District Attorney Erik Johnson. "In this case, it was a case of self-defense."

During the 10-day investigation, Johnson reviewed the evidence with investigators and prosecutors at his office and with Ada police detectives, which led to the decision that Ashton acted in self-defense. 

"There is an analysis that I have to make as the prosecutor for this district. Number one: Do I believe the defendant is guilty of the crime? And number two: Do I believe that I can prove that guilt to a jury of his peers beyond a reasonable doubt?" Johnson explained. "This case failed in both of those instances."

Jassmone Ashton will not face criminal charges in connection with a fatal shooting.

Ashton told police he felt Denavarie intended to harm him while he was getting gas, so he fired at him. 

"It's obvious by watching the video that Denavarie Brooks came into that gas station. He had passed Jasmonne and witnessed him at the gas pumps and then pulled back around, pulled in aggressively in an aggressive manner, came up, and approached Jasmine from behind," Johnson said. 

Ashton had previously filed a protective order against Brooks. 

"At one point, Mr. Brooks attempted to run Jasmonne off the road with his vehicle. That was part of the basis that the protective order was sought," Johnson said. "We also did a field interview with another individual who had the same or a similar incident with Denavarie Brooks, also in the early part of 2022."

Ashton was released from the Pontotoc County Jail Tuesday after Johnson ruled it a self-defense case. 

“We also have to look at what the suspect's state of mind was when he decided to use deadly force, and it was reasonable for Jasmonne to be fearful of Denavarie Brooks,” Johnson said.