SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) - It's not everyday that you see championship medals from more than 90 years ago but that is exactly what Sherman High School received on Wednesday afternoon.

Sherman Alumnus Larry Halliburton donated state championship medals won by his great uncle Lelmer Reynolds in 1931 and 1932. The medals along with other memorabilia from his track and field career will be on display in Sherman's indoor athletic facility.

Halliburton said he and his family felt this was the right time and the school district is pleased to have it as well.

"My daughter made them into a shatter box about 20 years ago and gave it to me for Christmas," said Halliburton. Then we talked and decided that these need to go somewhere on permanent display."

"I think when you can find something like this, that is really tangible property, you see how much more it really means," said James Perry, director of the Sherman ex-students association museum.