ADA, Okla. (KTEN)  — Latta Public Schools is asking voters to approve a $615,000 transportation bond in a special election set for February 14. 

"It’s a general obligation bond; the proceeds of that will go for transportation — specifically for buses for student activities,” said Latta Superintendent Scott Morgan. 

The bond would help with maintenance for the school's route buses.  

“Also, being able to transition into those buses will alleviate mileage and wear and tear on our current route buses, which we are having to use as activity buses as well,” Morgan explained. 

Latta student Reagan Jones is excited about the possibility of additional opportunities for school travel. 

"We would be able to get around a lot easier and not have to use up all the other buses,” she said. “It would just be really cool to represent Latta more, and show everybody that we are there, and that we really care about our school and our sports."

The bond would not require a tax increase. 

“Because of the increase in our valuation, this will be truly a no-tax-increase bond,” Morgan said. “One of the best parts — other than what we would be able to do for students, which is always number one and the most important — is that at this time, we would be able to do this with no tax increase to our community members.”

Early voting for the special election is set for February 9 and 10.