SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Eggs at the grocery store are getting harder to find... and a lot more expensive.

The Department of Agriculture said the average cost of a dozen eggs in January 2022 was $1.50. A carton now runs $5.30.

"Last year, we were selling them for four dollars a dozen in the beginning of the year," said Angela Wilson with Nutty Hill Farm in Sherman. "We increased now to $5 a dozen."

The spread of the avian flu has impacted many egg-laying farms, which has caused a widespread shortage.

That has some consumers turning to local farmers like Chuck Trowbridge of Prairie Farmstead in Sherman.

"We do have risk of our flock catching the avian flu, but it's a much lower risk than industrialized egg farm," he said.

Wilson noted that the avian flu hasn't impacted her farm's egg supply, but this time of year, even healthy chickens lay fewer eggs. 

"They usually have a hard molt in the fall where they lose all their feathers, and so all the nutrients they get for their food is going to feather production, so they're not laying eggs," Wilson explained.

Trowbridge said he hasn't seen a big swing in egg prices from his farm.

"Our eggs have remained very flat in that $5.50 range," he said. "We've been that way over a year."

Bottom line: The price of eggs fresh from the farm is now comparable to what you'll pay at a supermarket.