(KTEN) — Oklahoma state Sen. David Bullard (R-District 6) said he plans to introduce a bill that would restrict the age for gender reassignment surgery.

Senate Bill 129 would make it illegal for doctors to provide the procedure to anyone under age 26 in Oklahoma.

"Your cognitive development is not mature until you're 26," Bullard said. "Before you do something that's permanent and completely irreversible, what we want to make sure of is that you are cognitively developed."

Bullard, who represents Durant, said this is an effort to protect children.

"We're going to protect our kids in the womb. we're going to protect our kids outside the womb," he said. "When you're looking at somebody who's being taken advantage of because they're suffering from gender dysphoria or some kind of confusion like that, we have to make sure that child is protected."

If it became law, anyone violating the provisions of Senate Bill 129 would be charged with a felony. But there are exceptions.

"There are incredibly, incredibly rare instances where they are born with both genitalia," Bullard explained. "In that instance, the doctors are going to do a chromosome test. They're going to go to the parents... that is up to them at that point."

An Oklahoma resident said she believes in personal choice about gender transitions, but agrees that there should be an age limit.

"Our decision-making skills, our frontal lobe, isn't fully developed until we're 25 years old. So all of our decision-making skills are better over the age of 25," this person said. "I believe it should be pro-choice with your body, but I believe in things like that."