SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — For the first time in eight years, someone other than Bill Magers was in charge of Tuesday's meeting of Grayson County Commissioners.

Newly sworn Grayson County Judge Bruce Dawsey is eager to get to work. 

"There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the swearing-in and then that first Commissioners Court," Dawsey said. "That's why I made the statement at the beginning about being patient with us; three of us have only been on the job for two hours. It was exciting, and it's one milestone behind us."

Art Arthur took over as Precinct 2 Commissioner after David Whitlock retired. Roads are at the top of Arthur's list of issues to address. 

"I've probably got a hundred miles of road right now that need serious attention," he said.  "It's just going to be prioritizing, move forward."

New Precinct 4 Commissioner Matt Hardenburg also wants to focus on roads. He beat out incumbent Bart Lawrence in the March 2022 primary election. 

"Just work with the people at the county more," Hardenburg said. "I have a great group of people there."

Dawsey hopes to quickly find a solution to the Grayson County Jail expansion project. The City of Sherman and some downtown merchants would like to see a new jail built outside city limits.

"We are going to have to get the jail issue straightened out with the expansion, or the movement, or whatever we are going to do," Dawsey said. "That's going to have to be addressed first and foremost."

Arthur was elected to serve on the jail expansion team during Tuesday's meeting.

"We've got to have some relief for our sheriff's department and our jail," Arthur said. "It's coming from all of the top people in it that they can't wait."