COALGATE, Okla. (KTEN) — Kayla Christman is joining the thousands of people traveling to the Citrus Bowl football game this weekend in Florida, but the Coalgate mascot won't be in a seat when the game kicks off.

"I'll get to see what it's like for when I go to college... what it'll look like if I'm still a mascot," Christman said. "It's an opportunity."

She attended a Universal Cheerleaders Association camp in Oklahoma where she auditioned for the chance to be part of the Varsity Spirit pre-show. Despite performing with a sprained ankle, she secured her spot on the field.

"I had to create a skit to a mash-up of songs that I made myself," Kayla said. "It was three minutes long, and my ankle was in a boot, I'd been on my ankle all day, and it was swollen and hurting."

Christman has played Coalgate's wildcat mascot since seventh grade, and enjoys the freedom of the role.

"If you make a mistake, nobody knows it's you, so you can sit there and you can be goofy, or you can do the most random thing," she said. "You can cheer with the cheerleaders completely wrong, and it's your role — you're the goofy one!"

She plans on auditioning again next year as a senior, and hopes to continue her mascot career through college.