TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has opened a public corruption case in Johnston County at the request of Sheriff Gary Dodd.

In a Facebook video, Dodd maintained that county commissioners have "willfully and knowingly" refused to provide funding for the county jail. The sheriff also requested a supplemental pay raise for an employee in his office to compensate for an increase in work responsibilities. That salary bump would come out of the sheriff's office discretionary fund.

"The lack of funding for the county jail — all facets of running the jail — the county is supposed to provide that," Dodd said. "That hasn't been happening since I've been sheriff, and it wasn't happening with my predecessor, either. That's illegal. Oklahoma Supreme Court case, Smartt v. Board of County Commissioners, clearly lays that out. The sheriff is the custodian of the jail. We run it as the custodian."

But Johnston County Commissioner Cacy Cribbs explained that an increase in pay would go above the county's standardized pay scale.

"The entire purpose of this policy was to ensure uniformity between the different offices of the elected officials, to make sure that the playing field is level so that you don't have employees wanting to switch positions so often...  just to try to keep everything fair," Cribbs said.

In addition to the OSBI investigation, Sheriff Dodd said he also plans to file a civil lawsuit against the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, who he alleges is "interfering with the lawful business of this elected office allowed by law."

The Johnston County Jail in Tishomingo.