(KTEN) — The year 2022 was unlike any other for both Sherman and Denison.

Two major $35 billion projects broke ground in the City of Sherman. 

"We heard about the TI project late in 2021, and then they broke ground on that project in 2022," said city spokesperson Nate Strauch. "The GlobalWafers project, which followed in its footsteps, was both announced and broke ground this year."

And with construction came population growth.

"We're seeing housing numbers that were among the highest the city has ever seen," Strauch said. "The city will end up permitting over 450 houses this year. We never have done more than 300 in the year before this."

The City of Denison celebrated its 150th birthday in 2022. 

"We started the year with fireworks; we're ending the year with fireworks," said Emily Agans, the city's spokesperson. "We had a huge birthday party in September. We just really have done a lot to commemorate how special 2022 was."

Businesses also set up shop in Denison this year. 

"Some of the ones that people might know or might remember is Chick-fil-A was a big one for us; we got Ace Hardware; we got a lot of businesses here on Main Street like The Horse's Axe," Agans said.

Accomplishments in both cities have people excited about what's to come in 2023.

"They're building a lot of new businesses and different companies are coming in and different shops," said Denison resident Johanna Turner. "It's great to see, because it's revitalizing and bringing us up where we should be."