ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Heroes with Hope will be hosting classes next month for law enforcement officers to teach children how to recognize a dangerous situation, and about basic self-defense techniques to protect themselves.

"We've even had some things happen locally here in the past few years, where maybe a child was abducted — and it could even be a family member — but kids aren't always aware that its okay to say 'no' and to fight back," said Heroes with Hope executive director Melissa Woolly. "So we are going to equip them with the tools to do that"

The goal is to teach kids basic self-defense without instilling fear.

"Ardmore police are assisting in teaching the class, so we definitely have some well-educated gentlemen that are going to come in and go over this with the kids," Woolly said. "They will be working hands-on with kicking pads and different things."

The non-profit's staffers tell said the class will give children tools to protect themselves in several situations.

"If maybe someone touches you inappropriately, you can always tell an adult or someone in authority. Anything against your will or that you know is wrong — just simple things of how to defend, how to get out of things if someone grabs you, don't just go willing; maybe kick, yell, scream," Woolly said.

Children should be registered with Heroes with Hope ahead of classes scheduled for January 5 and 12. Call 580-319-8571 for information.

"Each class will only have about 20 kids per class, and its a lot of hands-on stuff, so it is something new we are hoping maybe we can do it a couple of times a year, or seasonally," Woolly said.

Self-defense classes will begin at 5:30 and will last for about an hour.