ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — There's been another big milestone in the development of H2OK, Woodside Energy's proposed green hydrogen plant in Ardmore. The company awarded a major contract for equipment needed to begin production.

"It will be a very large project," said Ardmore Development Authority executive Andrea Anderson. "They'll be taking huge amounts of water, splitting the electrons using electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen... then the hydrogen will be made into fuel cells for large transport trucks."

Woodside Energy's chief executive said H2OK would produce hydrogen for use as a fuel for commercial and heavy transport customers on decarbonization pathways.

The contract awarded to Air Liquide is for the equipment that liquifies hydrogen in preparation for transportation to customers.

"The other part of this process that is going to be really big for the City of Ardmore is the amount of water that will be needed," Anderson said. "Green hydrogen is made out of renewable energy, so with this one they are working very closely with OG&E on the amount of renewable energy that can go into powering the plant."

A final investment decision for the proposed project is expected in the spring.

"That is really the next big milestone," Anderson said. "Our office is working very closely with the Woodside team, as well as the City of Ardmore, on a lot of the behind-the-scenes things that need to happen with the water and lines and other things that will help feed this plant."

If Woodside gets the green light in the spring, they plan to move forward with in-depth plans for the H2OK facility.

"The kick-off of construction is probably this time next year, should everything fall into place the way they have mapped out right now," Anderson said.