ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — The budget for the City of Ardmore for its 2022-23 fiscal year was listed to be more than $117 million.

Nearly six months into the fiscal year, rising prices are forcing the city to rethink its spending plan.

"It's probably happened more in the last 12 months or so. The cost of everything — inflation affects everything," said City Manager Kevin Boatright.

Ardmore has faced budget challenges recently. The Parks and Recreation Department asked to purchase two pickup trucks, which cost nearly $27,000 more than what the city had planned; and a bid to complete storm sewage updates for 8th Avenue Northwest came in with a bid nearly double the city's $1.2 million  estimate.

"The initial budget is done on a department level," said Ardmore finance director Sandy Doughty. "We decide if it's something that we need to do now. If it is, and if their department can't hold the amount of money we need, we have to look other places."

With a budget for each department, there's also a specification for what funding could be used for the GAPS — Giving Ardmore a Plan for Success — sales tax, which is up for renewal in February.

"We have certain funds that are designated for certain purposes, and because those funds are restricted, they can only be used for certain things," Boatright said. "For our GAPS Tax, it goes for fire, police, capital and infrastructure."

In the event of increased costs, Boatright said the city prioritizes spending within budget, and potential delays in projects or purchase of items.

Ardmore officials say they are continuing to operate within the city's budget, and that the renewal of the GAPS Tax at the beginning of 2023 will be one of the crucial decisions for the city's future spending budget.