DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Waterloo Lake Regional Park received its first load of rainbow trout for the winter Thursday morning. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocked the pond with more than 1,000 fish as eager anglers waited.

Several drove from over an hour away to net the fresh trout

"We know when they stock them," said angler Bob Clift. "They stock the trout here and also over in Pottsboro, but this has been a fun lake for us right here."

Some hit their five-fish limit in less than an hour.

"We've got our limit already, and now we're using our fly rods and spinner rods to catch some trout, and we'll release them," Clift said.

Rainbow trout are a popular game fish, but can't survive in Texas summers.

"They're a very winter-oriented fish," said Lynn Blumen of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center. "During the wintertime, we give some trout to some of these smaller ponds and lakes, just to give anglers another chance to fish for something different, other than catfish and bass."

TPWD will supply more fish throughout winter, with the last stocking day in March. Waterloo Lake will hold a total of 5,700 trout over the course of the season — enough for all the participants in Denison's upcoming fishing derbies.