The Town of Stonewall received approval for a $99,999 Rural Economic Action Plan Grant from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to improve the town's wastewater system.

The Stonewall Public Works Authority conducted a sanitary sewer evaluation study and found that the entire system needed to be replaced.

“We are going to redo ten blocks of sewer lines. It's going to be brand new with all of the way taps added into it,” Stonewall Public Works Authority staffer Brandon Goodgion said.

The grant will help fund Phase One of the wastewater improvement project, which includes replacing Stonewall's two main sewer lines.

“Those two sewer lines have the most collapses and dips and broken places in them, and those are the two main sewer lines that run through town that collect from all the other lines around town,” Stonewall City Administrator Karl Burkhardt explained. 

Recently Stonewall replaced its water system, and PWA staffers believe this plan will have a similar impact.

“They were getting like 25 to 30 psi, and now we're giving them 35 to 40 psi to give them enough water to do what they need to do,” Goodgion said.

Burkhardt hopes improvements to the water and wastewater infrastructure will allow for future business and housing developments.

"Infrastructure underground is quite important before you do anything above ground," he said. "Now we have the water system, so it's like, 'Okay; let's do the sewers.'  We are trying to rebuild infrastructure in Stonewall, so hopefully, we will be able to attract people who want to live here. We think we are a good bedroom community for the City of Ada."

The Stonewall PWA expects to begin sewer line replacements in the spring.