ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Ada High School hosted an event Wednesday for students from ten Oklahoma high schools to hear from colleges and companies about the opportunities to start a career in aviation after graduation. 

“I was really excited hearing about it, because they had the salaries, the outlook, what you can experience in the job, and how the work-life balance is,” said Atoka High student Abby Roland, a senior involved in the aviation program.   

Students from Ada, Atoka, and other area schools learned about the different routes to land a job in the aviation industry.

“I'm interested in aerospace engineering; it's surprising that they even had anything about aerospace engineering, because usually I don't have the chance to really discover what exactly I want to do,” Roland said. 

In southern Oklahoma, aviation runs in some students' blood.

“My grandpa got me into this field," said Ada High junior Ava Manwell. "He was in the Air Force and has been flying his whole life. I definitely want to get my pilot's license, and I'm fortunate enough that my high school partnered with the airport here, so I might even have my private pilot license before I graduate.”

Wednesday's seminar also gave students an opportunity to network with others on the same career path. 

“We invited ten schools here today, so it is not just the kids being able to reach out to these businesses and colleges and industries... but also reach out to other kids and see where they are at and help guide each other in their pathway,” said Ada aviation teacher Chris Eckler.  

Ada is one of Oklahoma’s five Aviation High Schools of Excellence. The school received an FAA Pilot Workforce Development Grant which funded the fair.