SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Grayson County Judge-elect Bruce Dawsey on Monday appealed to the Texas attorney general to investigate Bill Magers' new job.

Magers — now serving his final days as county judge — was appointed as director of North Texas Regional Airport and executive director of the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority by county commissioners last week. The decision, discussed in a closed-door executive session, was approved by a unanimous vote.

The base pay for Magers' new position is $10,000 a month, plus county benefits.

"Serious irregularities have come to light, leading to even more serious questions," Dawsey said, alleging that several Texas anti-corruption laws were violated by appointing Magers to these positions.

"I am immediately going to contact the Texas attorney general to request their assistance to determine whether or not these laws were violated," Dawsey said. 

KTEN contacted Bill Magers for comment; he referred us to his attorney, Ed Richardson, who characterized Dawsey's allegations as "assumptions without substance."  

Dawsey said by appointing Magers to an influential position after meeting the minimum requirements for posting the job, commissioners failed to respect the outcome of an election that rejected Magers' bid for a third term. 

"It appears that it's kind of a slap in the face to the voters," Dawsey said. "Overwhelmingly, people either voted for me or against Bill, and for them to turn right around at the 11th hour and to appoint him to a position of great authority... to me it stinks of cronyism and they just don't care what the voters requested."

But Richardson maintains that the Regional Mobility Authority approached Magers about the position.

"They agreed to enter into a contract with him; brought it to the Commissioners Court," Richardson said. "They talked about it without Bill's presence. He wasn't present in the room, and determined it was the best move for the RMA."

Dawsey said if Magers is the best candidate for the job, he shouldn't have special preference.

"He can go through the normal application process as any other applicant would," Dawsey said. "This includes a normal vetting process and a criminal background check."

Richardson said Magers' background has already been publicized.

"I don't think his criminal background was any mystery to anybody," the attorney said.

Dawsey will take over as Grayson County Judge on January 1.