(KTEN) — Hunting coyotes and feral pigs during the night without a permit is now legal on land designated as "agricultural" in Oklahoma.

The new law is aimed at protecting livestock, feed, seed, and other agricultural materials. Previously, farmers and ranchers could hunt coyotes and feral hogs at night, but they would need to go through a process to obtain a special permit.

State Sen. Jessica Garvin (R-District 43) started working on House Bill 1809 after hearing concerns from constituents about night predators harming livestock, crops, and other agricultural materials.

"There is a lot of agriculture in the district, and being able to speak with farmers and ranchers in the district and say, 'Hey, is this a pretty consistent problem,' and finding out that it was," Garvin said. "In rural Oklahoma, it is a huge issue, and being able to solve that problem is a huge win."