By David Chasanov, KOKH

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KOKH) — The Logan County Sheriff's Office has released body cam video from a recent incident involving the son of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt.

Deputies said they found 20-year-old John Stitt intoxicated on Halloween night. Authorities also found a box of guns in his vehicle — one of which he said was his father's.

The encounter was recorded.

JOHN STITT: "To be honest, my dad's the governor."

DEPUTY: "I don't care."

DEPUTY: "You said these are your firearms?"

STITT: "Yes."

DEPUTY: "Do any of them belong to your dad?"

STITT: "Yeah, the 7mm."

Deputies told John Stitt to call his parents.

STITT: "Someone stole my gun case out of my truck while I was at a haunted house in Guthrie."

The deputy then spoke with Stitt's mother.

DEPUTY: "I asked Gov. Stitt and his wife to retrieve the firearms because he's 20 years old, and he's intoxicated, and he's like, 'I'll just send a trooper.'"

When the trooper got there, the deputy gave him John Stitt's box of guns, which we're told had two rifles, two pistols, several magazines and ammunition inside.

DEPUTY: "This is ridiculous. This is absolutely ridiculous."

It is a situation the deputy said she had never experienced before.

DEPUTY: "Well, I'm pretty upset right now, because he was like trying to say he wasn't intoxicated, he wasn't doing anything. I could tell by his pupils he is really intoxicated. You can smell him, and he's like slurring his words, and he's got a car full of people, and obviously had a trunk full of guns, too."

And it wasn't just weapons in Stitt's vehicle that deputies were concerned about.

DEPUTY: "I just want to make sure we're removing all alcohol from the vehicle ... can I have whatever is underneath your seat? The party pack?"

The deputy then allowed one person in Stitt's group who was not intoxicated to drive the governor's son to Stillwater.

John Stitt was not arrested for the incident.

He has been offered a prosecution agreement for being a minor in possession of alcohol, which could include community service and counseling.

There is no word on whether Stitt accepted the agreement.