ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Last week, members of the Oklahoma state Senate and House of Representatives took the oath of office and were sworn in. 

Sen. Jerry Alvord is the new senator representing District 14. 

“I’m truly honored to be able to serve and represent southern Oklahoma first and foremost,” the Republican said.  “My biggest desire is to ensure the needs, wants, morals, and values of southern Oklahoma are adhered to and acknowledged at the state level. That is really important to me.”

Alvord was one of eight Senate members sworn in for their first term. 

“We started with caucus retreat — that is where the meetings happen — and the Republican caucus had their agenda, so basically what they hope to be successful with as far as legislation in the next session,” Alvord explained. “Then went on to the swearing-in ceremony, which was a very humbling and honoring experience.”

Rep. Tammy Townley (R-District 48) was sworn in for a third term. She said communication with voters is vital. 

"My door is always open, and I try to be very accessible to my voters," Townley said. "We try to keep our district apprised with all the changes going on in our state and our district, and just want them to know we are here to serve." 

The Oklahoma House and Senate will hold one-day organizational meetings on January 3 before convening the 2023 legislative session on February 6.