SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — Charlotte Brooks was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after fighting for her life at birth.

She passed away on November 7 at the age of five, but her legacy lives on.

"Charlotte's life was always surrounded around impacting other people," said Charlotte's father, Kameron Brooks. "If she could talk, I really believe she would tell you to serve, and so that's what we're doing."

After seeing how difficult it was to do things like access feeding tubes with traditional children's clothes, Sherman parents Stephanie and Kameron Brooks built their business, The Charlotte Letter Clothing Company, from scratch. 

"Neither one of us had any type of background in the fashion industry at all," Kameron said. "Everything we learned was from Google... and being bold enough to walk into manufacturing plants."

At a celebration of Charlotte's life on Saturday, Stephanie reflected on lessons she learned from her daughter, like focusing on what is most important.

"It's so easy for us to see what's around us, to see our circumstances, to see our bills, to see our to-do list piling up," she said. "What if we were pickier about what we choose to see? What if we chose to see what could be?"

Though the future is uncertain, Kameron said he'd like to keep The Charlotte Letter going for the rest of his life.

"We do know that we want to dedicate every part of us to making sure this company is successful," he said. "Not for us... and again, not for Charlotte... for the people who are dependent on us."

In September, the Brooks family checked a box off from Charlotte's bucket list by walking in New York Fashion Week.