DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Sherman and Denison are getting some recognition when it comes to manufacturing jobs in the nation.

In the area, almost 19 percent of the population works in manufacturing, according to a survey by financial information website SmartAsset.

“That means that almost one in five people in the workforce are working in the manufacturing sector,” said SmartAsset certified financial planner Susannah Snider.

Of all the places across the country, Sherman-Denison ranked near the top in the list of 100 cities, beating Waco (#66) and the Dallas-Fort Worth area (#79).

“Sherman-Denison ranked 18th overall, and we looked at almost 400 metro areas,” Snider said.

So what makes this area so appealing?

“The people," answered Amy Lay, director of City of Denison Employee Services. "We have a fantastic community that works together. From the city to the school district to our economic development team. It’s a great place to be. It’s a great time to be in Denison.”

The opportunity to move up within a company isn’t half bad, either.

“Over a period of three years, income growth in manufacturing was up 10.39 percent, which is a fairly robust kind of raise over the course of three years,” Snider said.

All that data is just from what’s already here. There’s more manufacturing on the way in the Sherman-Denison area.

“Growth is beyond what we’ve ever seen before,” Lay said. “So if we don’t have something in your skill set right now, just wait; things are coming this way. Our area is growing tremendously, and there’s going to be lots of opportunities for work in the coming years.”

Sherman-Denison was the only region in Texas or Oklahoma to rank in SmartAsset's analysis of the top 50 places to work in manufacturing. Here is the full list: