ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- Comic Con is a convention for enthusiasts of all kinds, ranging from comic books to movies and even video games. Usually held in major cities, Ty Randolph, an Ardmore native, helped bring the event to Ardmore for the first time.

"Usually they're held in Oklahoma City or Dallas Fort Worth area," Randolph said. "That's about as close as you can get. So, we wanted one that would actually support the community as there are a lot of community cons starting to form."

Vendors at Saturday's event provided a unique experience to fans, displaying forms of drawn images or homage to popular movie characters. 

Cosplay artist Cherlyn Snow at Comic Con 2022 in Ardmore.


"I think fandom is really good on allowing people to express themselves in their truest form, because we can find the characters that we relate to and learn things about ourselves in falling in love with them," said Lone Grove native and cosplay artist Cherlyn Snow. "So to have a convention that allows people to come and just do that, I think it's super important."

After the conclusion of the first ever Ardmore Comic Con, Ty Randolph is making it his goal to bring the event back annually.

"Maybe you're from different political, religious, ideological backgrounds... but here, you're all fans of the same show, series or video game," he said.

'Ghostbusters' cosplay at Comic Con 2022 in Ardmore.