(KTEN) – How does 77 inches of snow in 24 hours sound? Well, that’s the reality in some areas of western New York.

Orchard Park, New York, home of the Buffalo Bills, was the “lucky” winner of receiving 77 inches of snow in just one day.

Observed snowfall totals from the historic lake-effect event in western New York


The Buffalo Bills’ stadium has been buried in nearly 6.5 FEET of snow, forcing the team to play their upcoming game in Detroit, Michigan.


These insane amounts of snow are thanks to a low pressure system located in Canada that brought the perfect atmospheric ingredients to the Great Lakes region. A southwesterly flow of arctic air across a warm Lake Erie allowed for strong convection to prosper for a long period of time. This convection moved onto land, dumping historic amounts of snow in a short period of time.


This strong convection produced long, narrow bands of snow over Lake Erie. A persistent band moved ashore into New York bringing high snowfall rates to highly localized areas.


How does the 77 inches of snow that was reported in Orchard Park, NY in a 24 hour span compare to snowfall in Texoma? Well, let's put this into perspective. It would take Oklahoma City nearly 11.5 years, on average, to rack up 77 inches of snow.

It would take OKC 11.5 years to rack up 77 inches of snow


And more snow is still in the forecast. Another 6 inches could fall through November 21, according to some high resolution models.

Another 6 inches of snow is still in the forecast for some parts of New York through November 21


I know I am a snow lover, but this might be just a little too much for my liking.