DAVIS, Okla. (KTEN) -- More than 400,000 dollars worth of illegal drugs are off the streets in the city of Davis.

DPD K-9 officer Gary Smith says he assisted in two busts equating to the nearly half-million dollars in the seizing of narcotics. One of the busts was a traffic stop, where Smith and his K-9, Miclo, discovered over 100 pounds of marijuana, the largest bust ever within the city of Davis.

"There's always concern on every traffic stop that you make. There's always a concern there," Smith said. "It's a team effort. You know, we don't work alone here. Me and my partner, Officer Carter, we work good together, and it was a team effort."

The suspect in the 100 pound marijuana bust, Ri Cheng Zheng, was booked on charges including trafficking of marijuana, impersonating an officer and speeding.