(KTEN) -- It is holiday shopping season and many consumers are searching online and scrolling though social media for the perfect gift idea. However, a new study shows that online shopping has its downsides.

Better Business Bureau warns online shoppers that by the end of the year they predict 380 million dollars will be stolen from online shoppers nationwide.

Brian Edwards, an international investigator for Better Business Bureau states that there is always a risk when shopping online for Christmas.

"We've seen over the last several years that as people continue to move forward with their shopping online, they are continually at risk for different kinds of scams," said Brian. 

One Texoma family recently had 1200 dollars stolen while trying to setup a new account on their T.V through what they thought was Amazon.

"Take time to check it out, do not get so preoccupied, which is what I was," said Sulpher resident, Elaine Bulmer. "Trying to hurry and get it done, we were busy, we were moving, we had people coming over and didn't pay attention." 

It is important to always be cautious of the vendor you are buying from and try to use credit cards when making any online payments.