ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Ardmore High School is taking the initiative for student growth through three plans that include a collaborative effort between students, parents and faculty.

"Our goal is to create a safe environment for students to feel at ease so that they can learn," explained Ardmore High School Assistant Principal Perry Zeiset.

The three initiatives are:

  • school improvement plan
  • family engagement plan
  • school-parent compact

Each program is created to help every student succeed.

"Sometimes those students will start out not taking their education seriously, but then when the parents join in unison with us, with the teachers — I have seen that student turn it around," Zeiset said.

As a part of the collaborative efforts, Ardmore high school re-evaluates needs annually. In 2022, new areas require extra focus.

"One of our troubled areas is attendance," Zeiset said. "It's come off the last three years that we've had such a huge change in education. What we're also seeing with that is some test scores are starting to decline."

To address those problems, the district has implemented the motto "The Tiger Way" to encourage positive behavior and an improved effort.

The impact on Ardmore students is expected to be reflected in improved attendance and test scores.