(KTEN) – I guess you could say Texoma is getting lucky with rainfall recently. For the second month in a row, Texoma will see above average rainfall.

Monthly rainfall totals over the past 15 months


The last time Texoma has seen two consecutive months of above average rainfall was April-May 2021… a year and a half ago!

The past two months have ended in above average rainfall totals, the first time in a year and a half


Thanks to the above average rainfall over the past two months, our drought has been decreasing ever so slightly.

Drought Monitor released on November 17, 2022


The drought was at its peak on October 11 with all of our Oklahoma counties in either an extreme or exceptional drought.

US Drought Monitor from October 11, 2022


Since the October 11 drought monitor update, the drought in Texoma has slowly decreased thanks to multiple low pressure systems bringing rain to the region.