DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Not many kids get to hop out of a fire truck when they get dropped off for school.

But that's exactly what Hyde Park Elementary student Sam Connor got to enjoy on Thursday morning.

"Crazy cool, I had a lot of fun," he said.

Sam was rolling in style because he was prepared.

Denison student Sam Connor won a ride to school on a fire truck.

"They had to come up with an escape plan,” Chief Kenneth Jacks said. “They had to draw a picture of their house and how they'd get out... like through the window, or through the front door, or through the back door."

As if a whole crew of firefighters picking you up isn't cool enough, Sam was also treated to a sweet breakfast along the way.

“I had a glazed and a pig," he said.

When the big red "bus" got to school, Sam had everyone looking his way.

"I think they are jealous!" he said.

It’s a win for Sam, and a win for Denison Fire Rescue, because they know the work they do now will follow kids like Sam all their lives.

"If they're thinking about it now, they're thinking about it when they become teenagers, when they become adults, when they start having kids,” Chief Jacks said. “They know, 'Hey, I need a fire extinguisher. I need to make sure I check their smoke detectors.'"

It's a program the chief brought to Denison, and one that he plans to continue for years to come.

"Anything that we can do to get children excited about fire prevention is a bonus," he said.