(KTEN) — As the weather is getting colder, health professionals have concerns about three viruses flaring up at the same time: COVID-19, RSV and the flu.

"RSV can be really dangerous to children and to adults over 65, but most people, if they have RSV, they don't know it," said Travis Garrett, a pharmacist at Family Pharmacy of Pottsboro.  "Usually with the flu, you usually see a higher fever, muscle aches... and with COVID, it depends on which variant is in infection."

Although it's too early to tell if all three illnesses will put a strain on America's health care system, it's important to take the necessary steps now to stay healthy this season.

"I think it's just being careful when you start feeling sick, to do things that help prevent your infection from spreading otherwise," said Garrett. 

And many Texomans are already taking precautions. 

"Protect yourself," said Linda Strain. "Stay on your vitamins. Get your shot, flu shots. Keep up with what's going on, you know? Listen to your doctors. Listen to the advices of people that may have already had it and how not to get it."

As of now, health experts are working on a vaccine for RSV, but flu and COVID shots are widely available.