MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) -- The City of Marietta recently approved the creation of the city's first Main Street committee. Its goal is improving downtown to draw businesses and tourists to Love County.

"Marietta has a lot to offer," said Kendra Tucker, who owns Marietta Abstract Company. "It's a really charming town, and the downtown is no longer reflective, I think, of the people here and the values they have."

The plan for a Main Street committee has been in the works for decades.

"Several individuals over the last 20 years have tried to develop a committee or some kind of source for the business owners on Main Street," said committee chair Georganne Westfall.

Westfall said she saw the need for improving downtown Marietta after making renovations to a building she had owned. Now she'll aim to help lead the improvement for other businesses.

"We have a lot of other people coming from out of state," Westfall said. "If there's something for them to stop to purchase, or to eat at a restaurant, then that means more tax dollars for the city."

The revamp of Main Street has also drawn motivation from other Texoma towns.

"I had worked in Ardmore for about 17 years and saw the difference that those initiatives made and how it totally revitalized the downtown area," Tucker said. "It made it a totally different place."

As the committee starts up, Westfall said the voice and contribution of Love County residents will be crucial towards the improvement of downtown Marietta.