DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — "It's very complicated; they're not making more helium," said Oklahoma Rep. Justin Humphrey (R- District 19).

The government has closed facilities that produce the lighter-than-air gas.

Sharon Sweeney owns Balloonatics in downtown Denison. She said the shortage began to impact her business back in June.

"Texas has the largest helium field in the United States in Amarillo," Sweeney said. "It's been shut down. So until the government stops petroleum, natural gas, we will have this shortage."

The low supply is driving prices up. Sweeney a tank of helium had been going for $225; now the price has more than doubled to $490. 

"I don't know if people will be able it afford it, or would even want to pay," Sweeney said. "A regular 11-inch latex [balloon] would be now like $5."

A sign on the door of Balloonatics in Denison.

The helium shortage could also impact other industries.

"It's used in MRI machines and made in flat screens TV, and it's used in a lot of other things," Sweeney said.

Humphrey added that the gas is also involved in aerospace manufacturing and computer chips.

The helium shortage doesn't appear to be ending soon, so Sweeney is offering other options to Balloonatics customers.

"Everything we do like this is air-filled, so to change people's mind into air-filled stuff," she said.