POWDERLY, Texas (KTEN) -- The National Weather Service Fort Worth upgraded Friday's long track tornado in Lamar County to EF-4. The upgrade comes after a second damage survey crew found damage to a home on County Road 33620 consistent with winds up to 170 mph. 

The November 4 Lamar County tornado has been upgraded to EF-4.

The tornado lasted for a total of 32 minutes on Friday: starting at 3:16 pm and ending at 3:48 pm. The tornado was on the ground for nearly 26 miles. 

The tornado formed near Brookston in western Lamar County and tracked rapidly northeastward, passing through Powderly and staying to the northwest of Paris. It exited the northern edge of Lamar County, east of Arthur City, TX and moved into Choctaw County, Oklahoma. 

So far no fatalities have been reported.