IDABEL, Okla. (KTEN) — The Choctaw Nation is assisting with clean-up efforts following Friday's tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Jeff Hansen, the tribe's director of community protection, said around 30 tribal officers went to Idabel to assist with search and rescue efforts late Friday.

Chief Gary Batton declared a State of Emergency.

“The Choctaw Nation’s priority is to ensure the people of McCurtain County are safe and provided with relief needed," he said. "[I] am coordinating with the Emergency Management Department to provide swift assistance.”

The tribe has been working with the American Red Cross on providing food and shelter.

"Making sure that we are getting the resources that we can to address their immediate needs," Hansen said. "We are now starting to see that we are moving into that recovering phase, coordinating those resources to address those longer term needs that these folks are going to have."