CHOCTAW COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) -- Just outside of Sawyer, Oklahoma, families and neighbors began the clean up effort after Friday's severe weather. No matter where you look, you'd find debris, demolished barns and uprooted trees. 

For Choctaw County residents, Saturday's aftermath saw a wide range of damage. The National Weather Service's preliminary rating as of Saturday for the tornado that traveled through Lamar county and into Choctaw county is listed as an EF-3.

Jim McKnight, a Sawyer resident, was on his way back to Oklahoma from a business trip during the storm, which caused problem for his flight.

"I was in Pittsburgh and the flight was delayed," McKnight said. "We were supposed to fly out at 4:30 Friday evening and didn't get to fly out until nine. I was in contact with my wife on the phone before the flight when she went to her uncle's house up the road. They were in the storm cellar."

For Maci Compton and her family, the storm happened quickly. She says she received a phone call from her mother-in-law, took shelter and saw the aftermath, all in a three-minute span.

"We came back to check on everything and there was a lot of damage done to our house, our barn and trees down everywhere," Compton said.

Clean up efforts in southern Oklahoma will continue in the midst of Governor Kevin Stitt's state of emergency.