IDABEL, Okla. (KTEN) -- As severe weather swept across north east Texas and into southern Oklahoma, significant tornado damage was reported in the town of Idabel.

Idabel resident, Jennifer explains the shocking encounter earlier Saturday morning.

"I am just still in shock I guess, we are very blessed because if you look around us you see everything else is gone, we lost a lot of things, but we are still alive and everyone is okay," she said.

According to KTEN's Meteorology team: Idabel took a direct hit by a tornado that came out of Red River County, Texas.  

The residents of the town saw medical centers, churches, and houses demolished.

A store manager mentioned how difficult it was to see his business destroyed. "Ain't nothing here no more so for it to not be here no more after 13's kind of hard," said Mr. Hilton.

Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt traveled to Idabel this morning to check in on the current search and rescue situation. 

"We've done all the assessments, I just talked to Cody, who is the emergency manager for the local county here in McCurtain county. "They've searched all the houses so we know everyone is accounted for," said Stitt. 

Governor Stitt declared a state of emergency for Bryan, McCurtain, Choctaw, and Leflore counties as more than 100 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.  

It was confirmed by the National Weather Service an EF-4 tornado carrying winds up to 170 miles per hour.