POTTSBORO, Texas (KTEN) — Some very distinctive rugs were on display at the Prothro Center at Lake Texoma on Wednesday afternoon.

Thirty women across the nation make different themed rugs every year, and this year's theme was fairy tales.

"We do stuff like this all the time, but this is a huge one," said Martha Lowry, a Broken Bow, Oklahoma, rug-hooker. "Usually they're small mats that don't take very much time, but I love the fact that she's on the road, people are enjoying her."

The images came from old fairy tale illustrations from 100 years ago, and they're based on the original tellings of the stories.

"It's not just your fairy tale that you grew up with," said Dallas rug-hooker Gina Paschal. "I mean, some of these are kind of dark images; you wouldn't hang it in a baby's room! So some of the historical background is really interesting."

The rugs are taken to 12 different states, and some pay tribute to the women in the group who died this past year.