ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Before Wyatt Brown passed away in November of 2021, he had a vision: To bring a bell to Ada High School for students to ring whenever they want to share a success.

One year later, his vision continues to ring throughout the halls of AHS.

"As a parent whose child had this vision way beyond his life to hear a bell ring in his honor, and to know that something that he thought of is carrying on... as a mom, it's amazing," said Wyatt's mother, Christy Brown.

In Wyatt's junior year after returning from a summer camp in Missouri, he was inspired to bring positive achievement to his Ada classmates by installing a "success bell."

Wyatt passed away in a hunting accident months later, but fellow students and staff saw to it that his dream became a reality.

"The bell gives everyone a stage," said Meredith Roberts, a teacher and close family friend. "It gives everyone a field. It gives everyone a touchdown. It gives everyone a slam dunk. It gives everyone a curtain call, and that's really what Wyatt was all about."

Current and future Ada High students will continue to ring the bell for those victories, echoing Wyatt's idea to show that small things matter.

"This is Wyatt's senior year. I'm going to ring the bell. We did it together. We're going to ring the bell," Christy Brown said.