VAN ALSTYNE, Texas (KTEN) — For months, the Van Alstyne Independent School District has been working toward creating its own police department.

That hard work has now paid off. 

At the district's last board meeting, Chief Jeff Burge was officially sworn in as the VAISD's first-ever police chief. 

"The safety and security of their students and staff is their highest priority," he said. 

Burge is ready to take on his new role and build the school's police department from scratch. 

"My first priority is going to be hiring additional officers. We're still trying to acquire some vehicles and squad cars," he said. "That's a pretty difficult process because of the supply chain issues ... of course, I have more polices to write and that sort of thing."

The Van Alstyne Police Department is in full support of the district's new law enforcement agency. 

"I think they couldn't pick a better person for that position, and really it will be a partnership, just like it's always has been with the school district," said Chief Tim Barnes. "It's just that they are going to be in control of incidents and things that take place on the school district, and we'll be there for support."

Chief Burge's goal is to have an officer stationed at each of the district's campuses. 

"We have four campuses now. Of course, we have a new high school that's under construction, and as soon as we are in the new high school, they'll be building another elementary school," he said.