WILSON, Okla. (KTEN) -- On February 2, 2021, the Wilson Police Department responded to a break-in at the Cannabis Trade Company.

Now, almost two years later, the department has been able to use DNA evidence from the crime scene to identify a suspect in the case.

The Wilson Police Chief believes this is the first crime in Wilson's history to be solved through DNA. 

"It is always great to have a break like this in a case," Wilson Police Officer Lizza Mashburn explained. "It's good for the rest of our citizens and especially our victim." 

The suspect gained entry by breaking through a front window. Detectives collected fingerprints, but the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was unable to find a match.

A small blood sample was also recovered from the dispensary.

"We had an idea of who it might be, but it wasn't enough to make a positive ID," said Wilson police Officer Lizza Mashburn. "A couple of months ago the person we believed might have been involved in the case was arrested for another crime, and we were able to get DNA that way, and we sent it off to OSBI and it was a match."

The manager of the Cannabis Trade Company, Drake Haggard was happy to hear about the break in the case. 

"The chief of police stopped by and explained the process they used to catch this guy," Haggard said. "For them to use this type of science and technology is really cool, and  they followed through with what they said."

Wilson's police chief Kevin Coley said an arrest warrant based on that evidence will be sent to the district attorney's office.

Coley said he is proud of his officers' work and the outcome of the case.