DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — Rising grocery prices are affecting not just families, but also the food pantries where many seek relief.

The food pantry at New Beginning Fellowship Church in Denison has seen a 30 percent increase in people needing support since last year, and now they have to restrict how often families can register to pick up boxes of food.

"Some people are in so much need that they try to call every week," said volunteer Kyle Faulkner. "We need to share the food with the rest of the community, so we have to limit the amount of times they can come per month."

Along with purchasing supplies to stock up, New Beginning Fellowship had to spend a large portion of its yearly budget on refrigeration and cooling repairs to keep their food stores fresh.

Some food pantries are getting fewer donations as people focus on buying just enough for their families.

To compensate, Texoma Family Shelter has moved to a walk-in model rather than monthly food box pick-ups.

"So many things have skyrocketed, and it's really made it where a lot of our people are having to decide whether they want to pay their light bill or buy their groceries," said executive director Angela Sharp.

With the holiday season approaching, food pantries need to fill their shelves to keep up.

"The Monday before Thanksgiving is usually our biggest of the year, and then before Christmas," said New Beginning Fellowship Pastor Gene Amerson.

New Beginning Fellowship and Texoma Family Shelter have more information on how to donate on their websites.