(KTEN) – Fall foliage has been increasing across the United States for the past few weeks as the cold season approaches.

Fall foliage report as of October 24


More specifically, Texoma has been noticing an uptick in its fall foliage. Moderate foliage is being reported in the region, according to The Foliage Report.

Current fall foliage across Texoma


The perfect combination of weather conditions needs to happen for fall foliage to be beautiful and vibrant. A long stretch of warm, sunny days along with cool, but above freezing nights is the perfect ingredient for fall foliage to emerge.


The pigment chlorophyll is what causes leaves to maintain their green color. When chlorophyll starts to decrease inside a leaf of a tree during the cooler months, the leaf will start to turn colors as it dies. This is an annual process as the tree prepares for hibernation during the winter.


Hopefully, we will have a decent shot at some beautiful fall foliage in the coming weeks as we continue to see these cooler nights and warmer days.