TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — The Single Mother Success Program at Murray State College is a new scholarship program to help young women attending MSC inside the classroom and out.

"They are usually working full time," said Amy McCain, Dean of learning and student success. "They have children at home. They have school functions, and that can be really hard on single moms."

Single mothers within MSC's STEAM field — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math — now have an opportunity to receive financial help. Inspired by the Women's Foundation of Oklahoma, the college created the $500 scholarship to help single mothers pay for school or at home needs.

Jordyn Frazier, executive director of the Murray State College Foundation, said the scholarship can also address retention.

"Adult working females are our highest retention issue because they have so many obligations they are dealing with as far as a work life, education and balance," she said. "We want to make sure we are retaining those women who are interested in pursuing careers."

The nine scholarship spots will be an effort to support MSC's female student population, which makes up 68 percent of students at the school.

"Hopefully it'll draw them in so that they feel like they have the opportunity to succeed," McCain said. "Retention is a big part of that. Our goal here in the student success center and the academic resource center is to support students."

By helping single mothers within STEAM majors at MSC, the hope is that'll also be a positive impact on the workforce in south central Oklahoma.