GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — A Dallas man is jailed after a violent assault at a Gainesville convenience store on Monday evening.

Gainesville police said they were alerted to a disturbance at the Exxon gas station in the 1900 block of North Interstate 35 shortly before 8 p.m.

Officers found a 45-year-old female victim who had been stabbed. The Gainesville resident was hospitalized for treatment. 

The suspect, who police said was driving a stolen vehicle, was identified as Justin Greene, 33.

"Greene attempted to leave the location in a white 2013 Ford F250, but the vehicle became stuck in the median between the service road and the Interstate," Gainesville police Chief Kevin Phillips said in a written statement. "Greene exited the vehicle and ran east from the location."

The suspect was tracked to the 2000 block of Refinery Road, where he was taken into custody.

"Greene was combative with officers and had slipped his handcuffed hands from behind his back to the front of him," Phillips said. "While officers were trying to move his hands behind him, he bit one of the officers on the hand. Greene was transported to the jail and on arrival there, he spat in the face of another officer."

In addition to aggravated assault charges connected with the stabbing, Greene also faces multiple felony counts related to his alleged assaults on officers and the stolen truck.